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Projapp is a web application, you can use it to create your portfolio and projects. I like to say that Projapp is Free & Open-Source Software.

With this application you can publish your Public (free) , Private & Premium (For Sale) products and you can show status of your projects progress to other people. Also you can make categories, edit projects Details in it's page &... Read more

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  • Design

    Projapp has a User-friendly & Beautiful User Interface. It has very goodly Icons & Dialogs. It using Sparrow CSS Framework. Learn more

  • Feature

    Projapp can meet all of your needs! Projapp features is very important for me and I always want to improve these. Learn more

  • Management

    Projapp has nice management system and it's very easy to use. Learn more

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • jQuery
  • Ajax
  • Sparrow